Published February 16, 2012 by Neo Queen Serenity

Can you imagine this fellow be the new TV star in the media? Well, guess again! This guy is sure hitting the high notes about the world, even if he thinks that world is the best and worst of both worlds… Check this and see how popular his own blog and SourceFed had gotten higher and more informative in the latest news.

Comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. So this is Diana reporting that news people could also become famous without the need of a broadcaster to make you famous.


It’s been almost four months since YouTube officially announced its channel initiative, which aims to bring new, professionally produced content from Hollywood celebrities and YouTube stars alike to the site. Since then, dozens of channels have launched, with participants ranging from Reuters to Motor Trend to the Vlogbrothers. But who are the people behind these new shows, how has it been working out for them, and what’s in it for YouTube? We talked to three of YouTube’s new TV stars to find out.

Wondering what other channels already launched on YouTube as part of this initiative? Then check out our complete list.

Philip DeFranco: A relatable guy

“It’s been kind of amazing,” Philip DeFranco said when…

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