Need Recommendations For Both Book/Manga Club and Anime

Published August 25, 2016 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey there my Moonies!

Since both the anime reviews and the new book/manga club coming up sometime in September, I need major help for all of you.

I made two surveys so that I can get a few books started. Don’t hesitate to even ones that is 18+ (I had read mature books you know during high school). Down below is a survey for the Book/Manga Club. I just hope a majority of these are pretty good y’all going to post.

Book/Manga Reading

The next one is optional for me in case I don’t know what to watch (or re-watch, depending on desperate times that I just don’t know what to watch.) while I’m bored. Down below is the survey for anime I should consider to watch. Please don’t put anything on the list that relates to anime porn like Boku no Pico or Black Bible. Like seriously…. Don’t even tried. -.-

Anime Review Consideration

Now that I got a lot of things set up for September, I’m having butterflies in my stomach for this. So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana doing late night homework and doing this at the same time.

What’s Coming Up In September and Beyond…

Published August 24, 2016 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey there my Moonies!

I bet y’all been waiting this long to know what is up. I’m currently typing this up as quickly as I can since I’m in school right now and my professor is surely a talkative person when she told us she’s not. This new semester comes up with new challenges and expanding my view with the Japanese culture and what I view things I love.

First is the big one I been holding for a pretty long time since the start of the year. I’m really excited to announce it because I know everyone hates being spoiled when watching anime (I’m talking to those people that has me as a friend on Facebook and keeps complaining to me about how I keep spoiling for everyone the latest episode of an anime.). Starting on September, I’ll be doing anime reviews for each anime that I have watched (or re-watched since sometimes I forget about it, with the exception of anime that is over 150 episodes; will discuss about it as I get the hang of the reviews.) for either the current season or based on what y’all recommend me. So yeah, I’m pretty hyped up about it, but at the same time nervous since I have to also do homework.

Two, also starting in September, I’ll be starting my book/manga club. This will be interesting because I’m making this both western novel style and eastern comic style. Why I’m doing this? The reason why I’m doing this was because there are some people that are interested in manga while others are interested in novels. So each two months, I’ll be doing a novel and a manga series each. For example, on the first two months we get a novel I decide to read and a manga series to read like Vampire Academy as my novel and Sailor Moon as my manga series to read. That way I have the time to read both novel and manga series. Now I know y’all wondering since I’m a fast reader, why I’m doing this? Well, I’m doing this because one, I’m still a full time college student; two, I want other people to have the time to at least read it during the two months before I start making my posts reviews about it. So check the post soon for what books I’ll be reading for the month of September/October.

Lastly, I’ll be updating the community news weekly starting on the beginning of September since the Elections are coming up soon. Since it’s going to be part of the community category, I want to put as much knowledge of his coverage as I can since y’all know, I’m aiming to get my degree in Political Science. In regards of personal, I’ll be updating that monthly, I really don’t have much going on in my life unless it’s something I’m involved.

So that’s all I’ll be giving out for today! So… Any comments? Keep the short, clear, and to the point for this is Diana announcing my struggles in life. =D

Changes For 2016 (Updated)

Published February 4, 2016 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey there my fellow Moonies!

As you have heard a month ago, I said I was going to start making changes in my blog. I’ll be updating this blog weekly, so I’ll be posting stuff like what’s going on in my life. Also, if you haven’t followed my cosplay page, Princess Serenity Cosplay, then you are not keeping up with me in regards of the progress I’m doing with my cosplays and how I’m keeping up with the upcoming convention. Just follow and I really don’t care about the criticism that I would get, the purpose of that page is to let everyone know that I love and will always cosplay as long as I treat myself equal to my body and mind with a positive attitude of how I look.

One thing I did say was that I will permanently delete the Word of the Day because it’s just too much to keep up with all these words. I’ll make the experts do that. If you still want that going on, I can post a widget in my blog so that you don’t feel left out about it. In regards of Quotes, I’ll be updating that weekly as well, so I may get quotes from books to even speeches that I read, so yeah. I’m not going to be giving out my opinion about that, but instead I want to hear your opinion about it so we can actually discuss about it in the comments, that way everyone knows what that quote means.

Also, News will be updated weekly, so I’ll be posting a brief summary of what happened that week so that we know what’s going on in the United States, locally, to all over the world. There will be a slight political news involve since I’m in two political science classes that involves with current events, so that may help me out keep up with it.

Still in News, I’ll be breaking that up as Community and Personal. Reason why is that national/global news is what makes this world a great community and well, what’s going in my life is like an update of the latest news that I’m doing as a college student, retail associate, love life, and so much more.

Also, in regards of books, I’ll be updating that at the start of the summer since that’s going to be the time I’ll may take a break from school and start reading crazy again because I just feel left out. Also, my collection of books I have in my room is stacked more again due to the fact that I was busy buying books without me reading them. So yeah, I’ll keep that update available starting in the summer.

Lastly, starting this Fall, there’s going to be a new link coming at the blog that maybe it relates to my other blog, so be on the look out with that news about that!

So…. Any comments? Keep them short, clear and to the point. So this is Diana, going back to study mode because if I don’t do this assignment, I’ll be getting a zero for this assignment that is due in an hour and a half.

P.S.: Next week, my birthday is coming up. So be sure to check on Tuesday about anything going on that special day of the year for me. ^_^

Update: I said I was going to update the page on February… Kind of lie in the end since I was super busy with school and all that. Now that summer is here, I’ll be updating this page within the few weeks. Keep on the lookout for this Fall everyone! 

Comments? Keep them short, clear and to the point. This is Diana, making updates this late!

Happy New Year!

Published January 1, 2016 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hello Moonies!

Happy new year to all of you!

This year the blog will go into a major change, so be on the lookout of what’s going to go through. Sadly all of the word of the days and that stuff will be going away, but news will be still kept on and my blogs will be continuing to be posted here.

For all the cosplayer that are interested in seeing my line ups, please follow me on my cosplay blog for the latests conventions and group meet ups @ Princess Serenity Cosplay.

Just be on the lookout for the new changes in the upcoming weeks. So excited to start 2016 with I must show y’all!

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana checking in how this 2016 will be!

Looking For A Way To Get Money Fast?

Published September 16, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey Moonies!!

Sorry for not updating much, but my transition to the University of Houston was a bit stressful, but I got good news in regards of the transition! I can actually get a double degree!

Anyways, this post actually will go to all the college students out there! If you trying to find quick cash to pay off bills and all that, I found your solution about it. I actually trying it out and so far I already made 50 dollars in one day. Only thing you have to do is read the articles they give you and confirm you read it, some of them are actually funny, but it’s worth the time since it literary doesn’t take much of it. You can read up to 30 articles each day, almost 150 dollars if you start as a beginner. Depending on the price range, you can earn up to 9 dollars for one articles, but that depends on the level you are.

Here’s the link for it if you want to make extra cash like I’m doing to pay for my college tuition:

Hope it helps you out for the future!

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana saying that college tuition is hard to ignore and can get you bankrupt.

Update: This is all a HOAX. They don’t do nothing that it’s being describe above. Stinky people that doesn’t deserve to be owning these things.

Kuroneko and the Psychopathic Boy

Published July 11, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity


It’s been over a month since I got a cat. I really care for her and as her owner, I want to get her the best she needs.

Her name is Kuroneko. She was named as soon as Joel, as a lot of y’all may know him already, saw her when we picked her up. Apparently we picked her up on the day of his birthday, which was a month ago.

Kuroneko actually means black cat. Forgot where he got it from in which anime. Though I like it still because when we try to find her, it’s hard to find her. My sister almost squished her just earlier today.

Though there’s an issue that is going on between me and my family. It’s all because of Kuroneko. My brother keeps bothering her because she doesn’t want to play with him. Come on, I already told him countless of times that to let her come to him because she will never get close to him if he keeps bothering her. He even used a water gun to water her down. I got mad at him and this issue is getting on the nerve of me beating the crap out of him.

Now today, he was trying to grab her so he can ‘play around with her and hug her.’ For sure he was going to bully her and it got to the point that I started getting mad at him. Now I was ignoring him and then Ernesto did something unforgettable. He messed up my Beats Headphones and ran to his room. I got super mad and started beating the crap out of his room. Sister had to come in to calm me down or else World War 3 was sure going to start.

After calming down, I went to my room and started talking to her about telling dad about it. Then my brother got out of the room and started cursing at us that he’s not going to touch him and all that. He also mentioned that he was going to do something to my cat if I do something to him. We started arguing and he kept hitting me while I was trying to hold him down. For a ten year old, he was pretty strong. It got to the point that both of our angers was on the verge of killing one another and my sister was sure trying to calm me down. If she learned from the last time I broke the window due to the anger I had, for sure there was a chance that I would of broken everything in the house while I was fighting my younger brother.

I eventually calmed down, but my brother was still giving out his tantrum. He was saying things like that he wanted to kill himself and that he also wanted to kill the cat.

I ended up calling Joel to see if he could help, but not much that he helped. In the end, I ended up calming my brother down and suprising, took a shower without complaining.

Though this whole thing, Kuroneko jumped in the fight, got out unscratched, watched the fight while my sister was calling Joel, and left because I think she already got bored seeing both of us arguing. So to speak, my cat did nothing to my brother or me in regards of attaching humans.

Though due to the fight, Joel told me that I have to give my cat away. What he really doesn’t know is that I already told my dad that if he ever do something to my cat, that I was going to move out of the house. Ever since I seen her in the picture, I got fond of her. I love her more than my own collection of Sailor Moon merchandise I have. She’s the only life I even got that I feel sane in the house to begin with; everything else is either outside of the house or I rarely get a change to visit, like Joel.

I ended up crying, holding Kuroneko because I don’t want to give her away. I know she deserves safety and all that, but still. I would even go homeless to keep her by my side.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana saying that Kuroneko can be lazy the majority of time.


Published May 11, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey Moonies!

It’s that time of year again! Finals is here and procrastination at its finest is in full swing.

I know some of you already took finals last week, others taking it later in the weeks; so I’m just saying to the people that already took it hope you pass and the ones about to take it soon, good luck.

I’m kinda nervous myself since I’m graduating with my associates this semester. I’m already getting some of my textbooks away for money because a chick needs some money here for other stuff, like more books or vinyls. Or bills.

I’m pretty excited, but at the same time nervous, but I’ll surpass it. I know I can do it. Pretty excited about my classes for the summer.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana saying that my junior year of college is going to be different than I will expect.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Published May 10, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey Moonies!

Just letting y’all know that today is a special day for all mothers. I currently with my mom right now eating my favorite Salvadoran dish, the pupusas.

I know some of you have something planned for your mom this weekend, but remember, she’s been there for you for the good or the bad. Even if your mom is a total ass, she’s still your mom; either biological or not, she’s the one that raised you since you where little. Just remember that you really don’t have to celebrate Mother’s Day on this day specifically, there’s 364 more days in which you can appreciate her as well.

In the end, even if she pisses you off or she’s damn annoying or she just doesn’t get you interested at all; give a second though of why she’s your mother to begin with. Especially to the ones that rarely see her, try to surprise her once in a while and they will give you the respect and kindness you will deserve.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana saying that my mom is expensive in regards of taking her out to eat… =(

Sometimes, You Really Need To Be Careful Who You Give Your Bank Information To.

Published May 8, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity


So Mother’s Day is this weekend, but sadly, some things had came up. No, it has nothing to do with my mom, she’s doing okay so far.

I meaning that something came up financially and sometimes, you just feel like the world just ended on you. Which is exactly what happened to me. Sadly, it has to do with who you give your finance information to. You still confused what I’m meaning?

Well, I have younger siblings who sure loves to buy stuff once they see money. Apparently they got the advantage to get my debit card and buy something online. Was not happy and really mad because that took away all my money in my bank account.

All this chaos made huge chance of plans for me. Now I have to sell books while I’m in the progress to get this issue fixed. Already got my temporary card they gave me while the new one comes in, and the bank gives me credit while the claim is in the progress to be approved.

I had my weekend already planned, but this had to show up on me. I feel like I’m going to die anytime soon if I don’t get any response about it.

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana talking that dealing with the bank is worse than dealing with the company that doesn’t want to cancel your orders.

Follow My New Blog, Serenity Cosplay!

Published May 6, 2015 by Neo Queen Serenity

Hey Moonies!

I have news to tell you.

As you can see, I have interacted more with the Japanese culture that came around in my life since I was 11 years old. It’s nothing bad that I’m about to say, but since I’m in the mists of creating my business within the next three years, I planned on doing something to keep up in related to the business I’m creating.

Lately, since Anime Matsuri 2015, I decided to start working into going to conventions and start interacting with the cosplay community. So to speak, I’m creating this new page to let you know more about the goings of me interacting in the new boundaries I’m stepping in. I don’t say that it may hurt me financially (I got that covered), I’m saying that with the business I’m trying to form and all that, it’ll be a struggle. Don’t worry! I’ll manage, with the help of friends who wants to see me more often cosplaying that see me acting kawaii (They really want to see me cosplaying and acting kawaii at the same time instead of only acting kawaii).

Anyhow, if you’re interested in seeing me cosplay for the upcoming events, click on the hyperlink right here: Serenity Cosplay. I’m also going to do a facebook page as soon as I start posting stuff in the blog, so stay tuned on that!

So… Any comments? Keep them short, clear, and to the point. This is Diana talking that if life gives you lemons, make more than just a lemonade! Make a lemonade stand to start some business!


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